Frequently asked questions



How does spray tanning work?

Spray tanning temporarily adds colour to your skin.

Spray tanning solution contains DHA which interacts with the proteins & amino acids in the top layer of your skin creating a tanned colour.

What is DHA?

DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is derived from sugar cane or beet root. It is the main ingredient in almost all spray tanning solutions & self-tanning products. DHA is what creates the bronzed effect & has been approved by Health Canada.

Will my skin look orange?

No the solution we use have been carefully designed to give a perfect glowing tan.

Does the spray tan have an odor?

All spray tanning solutions do have an order. The solution we have selected has a much lighter scent compared to other solutions. This scent will also only present during the development period while the solution is processing.

Is spray tanning safe?

Spray tanning is consider to be a safe way to get a natural looking tan & all the ingredients found in our solution have been validated by Health Canada.

Some people however may be allergic the DHA.

Am I protected from the sun?

No. Spray tan solution does not protect your skin from the sun, you still need to apply sunblock.

What do I need to do before my appointment & how do I maintain my tan after my appointment?

Click here to see everything you need to know before & after your appointment

I want to shave/ wax when can I do this?

BEFORE: We recommend shaving at least 3 hours before your appointment to help ensure even results

AFTER: Avoid waxing while your tan in active. A delicate shave may be done occasionally.

What should I wear to my appointment & during my tanning session?

During your appointment you may wear bra, underwear, swimsuit or nothing. Keep in mind what your wear will determine where your tan lines are. *We do ask the male clients wear a swimsuit or underwear.

We strongly recommend wearing dark-coloured, loose-fitting clothing after your appointment & avoid wearing a bra, socks or any tight fitting clothing.

How long should I wait after my appointment before I shower?

8-12 hours after all classic spray tans.

1-5 hours after all rapid spray tans. It’s normal with rapid spray tans to not see much colour after the initial shower. The tan is still developing over the next 24 hours.

The longer you wait the more time your tan has to develop & the darker your results will be.

Will swimming affect my tan?

Swimming in chlorinated or salt water can cause the tan to fade faster.

How long will my tan last?

Most clients find their tan last about 10 days

There are many things that can affect how long your tan last (lifestyle, activities..) You want to avoid excessively sweating, long baths, saunas, exfoliation & hair removal. Keeping your skin hydrated is very important as well as following all your aftercare instructions.

What do I do when my tan starts to fade?

Once your fan has started to fade start to exfoliate your skin to ensure an even fade & to remove any old tan residue

Will the colour rub off or stain my clothing or sheets?

Almost all spray tans contain bronzers which provide your will immediate results. The bronzer layer of your tan is only temporary & can sometimes leave marks on your clothing or sheets before it is washed away at your first shower.

Our solution is water based & can be washed out of most materials. (Silk & leather can be stained permanently)

After your first shower & the bronzer layer has been removed your tan should no longer leave marks on your clothing or sheets.

Can I get a spray tan if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Our solutions are non-toxic & DAH has been approved by Health Canada but we always recommend consulting your doctor before making an appointment.

If you are breastfeeding & your doctor has given you approval we recommend wearing a bra or any kind of nipple covering during your appointment to ensure that area remains free of tanning solution.

Will the spray tan affect my tattoos?

No not permanently. Spray tanning over a tattoo may make it appear darker the normal while the tan in active. We can apply barrier cream over the tattoo before the tanning solution is applied to prevent your tattoo form being altered.

Will a spray tab affect my eyelash extensions, nail polish or fake nails?

No! We selected our tanning solution with your lashes in mind. Our tanning solution is water based instead of oil based so it will not affect your eyelash extensions.

Your nails are also safe! Wearing any kind of nail polish will protect your natural nails from getting stained. We also apply a barrier cream to your nails before your tan is applied to prevent any staining.

I have eczema and/ or rosacea can I still get a spray tan?

Yes you may just notice a less even result. We will do our best to apply barrier cream to help avoid certain areas from getting to dark.

If you have any other question please contact us & we will be more then happy to answer them!